Youth Unlimited Toronto is a unique not-for-profit charitable organization that:

  • promotes youth development and transformation through mentoring, skill development, and character building via programs and local partnerships.
  • has a unique approach in that it seeks to identify needs in youth, then create programs to address them.

It is Youth Unlimited’s goal that young lives would be transformed through God’s love and life-changing power.  This, in turn, can effect change in the GTA as a whole!

The program site for Toronto Youth Unlimited’s 3D Archery Program is located at our farm in Uxbridge, ON and is run by Esther’s husband, David Burridge.  David has designed a multiple 3 dimensional target course through the brush and fields of our farm.  The program is designed to teach under-privileged youth archery skills, expose them to green spaces, and to promote the development of values and morals with spiritual influence. 

The archery course is free of charge for under-privileged youth, but you can also be a part of this unique and amazing program!!  You (adults and youth over 10 years old) are welcome to experience the archery course for a fee of $25 per person (groups of 4 to 6 people).  Please see below/contact. 

Donations to Youth Unlimited are gratefully accepted (click the “Make a Donation” box on right).  Your donations go completely to Youth Unlimited to fund the continued operation of the archery course and other programs that David runs to effect positive change in hurting youth.  Whether involved with Youth Unlimited or not, help change someone’s trajectory by positively influencing people around you!

For more information or to book the archery experience, contact David at: 416-895-3427.




Help positively change the trajectory of hurting youth by donating to Youth Unlimited. Your donations go to support David's work with youth and the continued operation of the archery course and other sports programs that David runs. After clicking on the button below, under "fund" select "Burridge, David" to ensure that his programs receive your donation. Tax receipt eligible.
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