What is physiotherapy (specifically with a registered physiotherapist)?

Physiotherapists are registered health care professionals who seek to promote health and treat injury/ disease.  Physiotherapists use their comprehensive knowledge of the body to assess, diagnose, and treat many different injuries, illnesses, or disability.

Do I need to see a doctor before seeing a physiotherapist?

No, you do not.  Physiotherapists are primary health care providers which means you can go directly to them without a referral from a doctor.  Keep in mind a doctor’s referral may be needed to get reimbursement from your insurance provider.

What if I have never had physiotherapy?

Esther wants to make sure you are comfortable and understand what’s going on, so let her know if you have any concerns or hesitations.  Typically during the first visit which is an assessment:

  • You and Esther will chat and she will find out your concerns and ask you health related questions.
  • She then uses her physiotherapy training and experience to examine and maneuver parts of the body to see the extent/nature of the physical problem.
  • After that, Esther designs a custom treatment and exercise program for you.  You are in control and can decline treatment at any time. 

Please tell Esther at the beginning if you have never had physiotherapy or are apprehensive about a particular aspect of physiotherapy.  Speak your mind. It helps her know what you are thinking and give you a better physiotherapy experience.

How long are the sessions?

Assessment session: The first visit is an assessment, a 60 minute visit required to determine the nature and extent of your injury.  You will receive exercises to work on until your next visit when treatment begins. The assessment visit cannot be skipped if you are a new client. 

Treatment session:  After your first visit, you can begin treatment visits which are 30 minutes in length.

My first appointment- What do I need to know?

Wear clothing that allows Esther to look at the injured area.  For instance, with a shoulder injury, please bring a tank top or sleeveless shirt, for a knee injury, bring shorts.  Make sure the clothing is loose or stretchy. 

Bring any medical reports such as x-ray reports or rehabilitation protocols from your surgeon.  The actual x-ray or cd is not needed, but you can bring it if you like.

 After booking through the online site or by calling 647-494-4800, you will receive an email prompting you to fill out the intake form.  Please complete this prior to your arrival. 

Do you see clients through WSIB or auto insurance?

Sorry, currently Esther only sees private clients, no WSIB or auto claims. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Please give 24 hours notice for canceling by deleting your appointment online or by calling the clinic. This is to allow another person time to book in your spot if you should cancel. Failure to give 24 hours notice for cancellation (or a no show) will result in a fee of 50% of the appointment fee billed/charged to your account.

Improve your move!

Each private individual session is with Esther who is a registered physiotherapist (no assistants or students).
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